Orthotics are devices that Southern Cross Podiatry uses to correct your foot shape. Understandably, your feet are very complex. Each foot has an
excess of 26 bones with many joints, multiple muscles and ligaments, fat pads, and much more. Furthermore,
we all have a different walking styles. Some of us have leg length differences, neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, arthritis, past injuries, which can affect our walking.

With this in mind, Podiatrist’s are one of the main specialists for orthotic prescription.

At Southern Cross Podiatry we conduct a complete assessment. From here we implement ethically required trials. Once we have a successful trial we then consider orthtoics. Our Podiatrists always consdier your activity levels, growth patterns, footwear choices, and financial capabilities.

Southern Cross Podiatry woeks hard to keep our orthotics as cost effective and competitive as possible.

Southern Cross Podiatry uses three main types of orthotics:

Over The Counter/Pre-Made

These orthotics are pre-made and based on foot size. They are usually tolerated well, have different softnesses, and the least expensive. However, these orthotics do not suit all feet. Sometimes they wear quicker than custom orthotics. Our Pre-made orthotics have more control than those from chemists or shoe shops. As such, our devices have to be professionally fitted.


Hybrid orthotics sit between pre-made and custom devices. once again they are based on foot size, but there are over double the size options. With more size options Hybrids are more precise. Hybrids have more control options than the pre-made orthotics, making them suited to feet needing more control. One benefit is they last longer. Importantly, their cost is between pre-made and Custom devices. Once again, they are not suited to all feet.

Custom Devices

Custom orthotics are made especially for your foot. We will cast or digitally scan your feet. The orthotics are then specifically built for your feet. No averages here. We have unrestricted choices, including control, style, additions, and materials. Southern Cross Podiatry can also make different orthotics for your left and right foot. However, it takes a little while to wear in these orthotics. Generally the most expensive option, but Southern Cross Podiatry’s fee is inclusive. Our patients find no surprise extra fees on top.

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