Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Premium Foot Assessment

Southern Cross Podiatry would like to show our appreciation of our Veterans. We would like to thank them and their loved ones for their service, and sacrifices made, to our country. Therefore, we have developed our DVA Premium Foot Assessment. We will offer this assessment all valid Veterans.

The assessments are provided by us on clinical need. Over our first few appointments we aim to complete a detailed health check of your feet. While we adapt the program for every individual Veteran, the below example shows the assessments we will complete:

Appointment 1:

  • Primary foot health assessment
    • Including a review of your skin and foot shape
  • Blood circulation assessment, this is done to understand your ability to heal from injuries

Appointment 2:

  • Joint health assessment. With this assessment we look for stiffness in joints, along for arthritis, and the quality and direction of your joint motion.
  • Muscle strength testing. Muscle strength helps to keep us walking and can be beneficial in reducing your falls risk.

Appointment 3:

  • Gait/walking assessment. When we understand how your body moves while walking, we can help with various walking pains, falling risks, and which shoes to choose to wear.
  • Footwear assessment. The shoes we wear are highly important to our foot health. the wrong shoes can stop us walking, cause pain, and make corns and calluses worse.

In addition to the above assessments, we will also provide any needed care at each appointment, such as podiatric nail care for example. All we need is a valid referral from your General Practitioner prior to your initial appointment. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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